Data Center & Cloud Services Market and Trends (2022) 

After 18 months’ turmoil and strife caused by an unexpected pandemic, the internet is reshaping how individuals live and businesses operate. 

Unlike some tangible retail stores, online businesses see the unprecedented booming, with companies, large and small, rapidly transforming into clouds and scaling up workloads to meet the increasing data needs. 

While most of this will remain in the public cloud environment, costs and regulatory concerns may lead to some moving to a colocation or even on-premises situation. Those who can manage this hybrid IT scenario for highest efficiency and lowest cost will enjoy the greatest returns on investment.

With secondary markets continued their growths throughout the year, major cloud services are expanding significantly in local ecosystems. The battle for market share across these markets will define the industry over the next several years. The concept and implementation of Smart Citieswill continue to add the importance of a strong local environment, including data centre markets.

Compared with other global markets, Canada and Toronto has seen certain strengths in cloud availabilities, fibre connectivity, political sustainability etc.

Toronto, for example, ranks top of all the cities offering access to all these three services. By 2024, the projected hyper scale cloud market value will reach $300Billion.

There are a few commonly agreed trends for data centres and cloud services for the upcoming years:

1. Hyperscale is here

2. Nobody puts edge in the corner

3. The greening game

4. Automation

5. 5G finally realized


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